Mel(issa) (h3artfullofblak) wrote,

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<It's been a while>
<I really don't update because no one really reads>
<I wish I knew more people that looked at my journal thing>
I really need to hang out with Megan Forbes nad Megan Fails! Haha
I really do know too many Megans...Megan Forbes, Megan Fails, Megan blahhh. Okay, I just know alot!

I have had baskteball practice on my week off, but it was fun because we got to play Ms. Landry and Lexi!

Well, I don't know what else to say. Os I'll be gone from tomorrow till Sunday in Alabam! So I won't get a chance to update. unless, my cousin lets me get on his Computer!

<3 Mel!
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